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Rehabilitation programmes for people who have been in hospital, or have had a recent illness and suffered deterioration in their walking or function. This Community Therapy Teams and Beds service is for adults over the age of 18 who are registered with a Bristol GP. To help us improve this website, we’d like to know more about your visit today. Inspired Motive acquired the ‘South West Care Show’ during the pandemic and have rebranded the show to make it more encompassing, ‘The Care & Occupational Therapy Show’ has been born. Many of our staff have been affected by cancer including breast cancer so we raised money for this worthy charity.

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For instance, many were “forced” to provide telephone support because that was deemed “safer” but of course, the lack of ability to make visual assessments caused great concern for some therapists – understandably so. She works as an independent Expert Witness and has extensive experience as a Case Manager. Linda primarily works with children and adolescents both following trauma and those with mental health issues, learning disabilities, sensory impairments, neurological conditions and autism. Linda’s extensive experience means that she is a sought-after professional supporting both children and their families.


Following an assessment appointment, we will work with you to plan the next steps which is based on the individual needs. As part of this, we will agree goals and targets with the child, parents and carer which may involve specialist advice, equipment, accessing specialist therapy programmes or arranging specialist adaptations to the environment at home or school. There has been a lot of research on the benefits of animal therapy for all ages and this is why more and more care and nursing homes are allowing pets into their homes for their residents on a regular basis. With regards to secondary outcomes, improvements in PASS were statistically significant in both groups, though only the usual care group reached the MDC of 2.2 points. Both groups were within the category “good postural control” (31–36 points) at baseline and the previously reported ceiling effect in this measure . Force plate assessments of standing balance with eyes open and eyes closed showed statistically significant reduction in sway amplitudes in both AP and ML directions for the intervention group only implying improved balance control .

therapy care

This includes our experiences of being parented, attachment styles and behaviours, situational and/or developmental trauma, and the way in which we process information and respond to difficulties. When a child is referred for therapeutic support, our in-house therapists will complete an initial assessment so they can begin to understand how the child’s history has impacted their development and determine their therapeutic needs. Referrals can be made by patients and all other healthcare professionals in all areas of care.

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There is a lack of recent data to estimate the number of care homes that offer regular physiotherapy input outside of the NHS. The last survey which showed thatacross 274 private care homes in the UK only 10 % of them had regular physiotherapy input. This was recorded in 2001 and we have undoubtedly seen an increase in these figures as care homes become more competitive in a growing market as the population continues to age. Some care home managers are proactive and provide regular physiotherapy for their residents so that they are maintained instead of waiting until their resident’s mobility decreases. If you have a disability, and experience practical difficulties, occupational therapists can work with you to find ways of managing everyday tasks. Another important part of our role involves facilitating capacity assessments for people with communication disorders.

We recently had 2 Alpacas come to our homes and the joy in the resident’s faces was immense. They were able to stroke the Alpacas and learnt loads about them which stimulated them mentally and physically. Alpacas are famous for their gentleness and we have put their therapeutic benefits into place at our homes across Bristol. The gentle nature of alpacas makes them perfect for our activity-based visits, and residents have welcomed them into our homes. Bristol Care Homes are an independently owned group of 4 high-quality care homes in Bristol. Our dedicated team provide quality and caring services every day and our founding vision is to provide excellence in all aspects of care for all our residents.

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At Easterlea Rest Home in Hampshire, they have weekly visits from Kym, an arts and crafts entertainer. These activities provide residents with stimulus and reminiscence as well as encouraging social interaction and physical activity. Referrals are made to the Short Breaks front door phone number or email, or directly to the OT team, and can be made by a parent or a professional who knows the family with their consent. Once full referral information is received, a decision as to eligibility and acceptance of referral will be made within 5 working days, we will aim to see people within 6 weeks, subject to the availability of the family. We prioritise those whose needs are putting them at highest risk of harm. Community Occupational Therapists support people with temporary but significant levels or enduring loss of physical function in daily living skills.

There are other OT’s in the borough employed by Health and the Special Educational Needs department, to work with children with additional needs in their nursery or school to support inclusion. Our team may be referred in by a healthcare professional or you can self-refer by completing a self-assessment questionnaire to check eligibility. Our Community Occupational Team take referrals for adults in the above circumstances and also for children who have housing access needs 경북남성전용마사지 to essential facilities. We are committed to exploring research opportunities and generating evidence for music therapy in order to campaign for music therapy to be part of daily care provision and to influence policy making. Play, as a technique to safely and gently gain access to unconscious processes, allows children to share with us their early experiences of their world, their anxieties, hopes and dreams through symbolic representation and non-verbal communication.

These look at how children and young people learn and any barriers to learning. We respond to referrals according to the urgency of the situation and the needs of the patient. We can respond as quickly as 2 hours of referral dependent on the patient’s circumstances and their requirements. This is a concern for many of us in the profession; comments have been made that therapists have been “forced” to provide online therapy. The increasing effects of COVID and what therapist have “had” to endure are concerning – and is deserving of further debate.

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We work closely with colleagues in social care to empower patients to understand information and communicate their decisions regarding important life choices. This can include decisions about having a modified diet and fluids or alternative feeding. An occupational therapist considers all the person’s needs – physical, psychological, social and environmental. This support can make a real difference – giving people a renewed sense of purpose, opening new horizons and changing the way they feel about the future. You can check an occupational therapist is qualified and registered with the Health & Care Professions Council using its online register of health and care professionals.

Animals used for this recognised therapy can range anything from domesticated pets to beautiful farm animals and Bristol Care Homes recently had 2 Alpaca’s visit their homes which the residents and staff loved, along with the regular dog visits. Improvements in EQ5D were significant for the usual care group only and SSQOL-scores were generally lower in the intervention group. Group differences in SSQOL were more pronounced in the domains of thinking, personality, mood, social roles and energy than in the domains of self-care, vision, language, mobility, work/productivity and upper extremity function.

The work delivered by our therapists explores the cause, rather than the symptomatic manifestation of anger. Education around emotional literacy is offered so that children and young people can begin to develop better coping mechanisms for expressing and managing what are usually important and appropriate feelings of anger. We are able to access practitioners who can complete educational psychology assessments for children and young people.

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Teaching and training in the use of equipment, moving and handling techniques and therapeutic interventions. The Core Rehabilitation Team comprises of two of the range of Allied Health Profession Services, specifically Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. Core Rehabilitation services comprises of staff employed by Care Plus Group and Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust working in partnership. If there is a music therapist at your care home, please speak to the home about a referral and they can either put you in touch with the music therapist or pass on your request.

This is particularly useful for those who struggle to communicate with words or through conversation. We take time to really understand your needs and goals to develop effective treatment plans. We work to remove obstacles that stand between each patient and success by listening — really listening. Physical Therapy is the treatment of disease, injury or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than by drugs or surgery. When someone is hurting, or their body isn’t working the way it should, their main goal is returning to their normal way of life. Occupational therapists work with people of all ages and can look at all aspects of daily life in your home, school or workplace.

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Activities like these, however small can reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation and improve strength and mobility, as well as improve mental wellbeing and these are all positive benefits as we get older. Animals offer unconditional love and companionship and research also suggests that animals have the ability to boost general health and well-being, especially as we age. Pet or animal therapy, which is also referred to as animal-assisted therapy is a therapy that uses animals as a form of companionship and treatment for people of all ages. The aim of therapy can be to improve emotional, social, or cognitive abilities.

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If you are a homeowner a grant is available for adaptations to your home to enable your essential access to standard … West Lothian Council’s Community Occupational Therapy Service promotes independence for children, adults and ol … If you do not attend and do not contact us, your child will be discharged from the service. At this time we will also write to your GP to advise them of the outcome of your treatment. Once you have completed your course of treatment with us, we will review whether the treatment has worked.


Advice, training and support may also be provided to teaching and support staff or other professionals as appropriate, to facilitate the development of communication skills. Dogs, cats, horses and many other animals have long been companions to people of all ages, a friendly face and someone to talk to through good and bad times. As we grow older, some people become reliant on their cats and dogs to provide them with a comfort blanket they wouldn’t otherwise have. In this article, we discuss how pet therapy can totally transform the lives of those living in care homes across the country. We accept referrals for people with moderate to severe mental health problems within our secondary care mental health services. The speech and language therapist will provide specialist training and support to care staff and will also carry out assessment and therapy in the care home.

We work closely with other services to support the advice to be implemented into the child or young person’s daily routines. New interventions in stroke rehabilitation should comprise clearly defined evidence and science-based methods , and should aim to enhance recovery as opposed to compensatory strategies . I-CoreDIST1 is a comprehensive, innovative rehabilitation method where activation of core muscles is enhanced and integral to all exercises without compromising focus on functional tasks or intensity. This view incorporates an extended perspective of core muscles as all muscles on the trunk and those attached to the trunk, thus including muscles on the shoulder and hip girdle. The novelty of this approach lies within its integration of core muscle activation into exercises that incorporate functional activities, muscle strength, active muscle lengthening, upper limb function, gait and endurance. The structured assessment, clinical reasoning aids and the variation of exercises ensures individual tailoring and specificity.

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Please do seek the permission of the child/ young person/family before making a referral. The Meadows-ARC framework allows for a comprehensive assessment and psychological formulation of all young people, followed by an intervention plan targeted at the key domains of Attachment, Regulation and Competency. All staff involved in the use of home oxygen, must have appropriate and ongoing training in safe oxygen storage and use. Oxygen saturations must be monitored according to an agreed care plan for each person on home oxygen.


In fact, many people end up being looked after at a care home as a result of a serious injury after a fall or after a series of falls. Call us if you require advice, assistance with referral form or to make a referral over the phone. With over 30 years of experience in the event industry, Inspired Motive will be hosting The Care & Occupational Therapy Show at Westpoint, Exeter. The visitors will include buyers from Care Homes, Domiciliary care companies, Care Groups, NHS, Trusts, Individual Carers, and Individual Practitioners also. Attracting 3000+ visitors, it will truly be a festival of business for the care community. Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses a mix of talking and art making, whilst Dramatherapy is an active and experimental approach.

The therapy team consists of a number of specialist and experienced therapists who are trained in a number of therapeutic disciplines and modalities. Full comprehensive psychological assessment is completed with each young person placed with Meadows Care and when there are specific areas of need, the therapy team will develop support packages to guide staff in meeting that need. We are a team of expert speech and language therapists that provide services for adults throughout the UK with a range of speech, language, communication and swallowing difficulties. The four-year programme, run by Gwanwyn, aims to improve access to quality art experiences for older people. Currently, 12 professional artists across the fields of performing arts, visual arts, words and music are delivering 12-week residencies throughout care homes in Wales. Sometimes specialist furniture or equipment is needed to manage every day activities.

There are three locality based community therapy teams, each providing the same service. There is one team based in North Bristol, one in East Bristol and one in South Bristol. Scenario 4is work closely with the care home themselves to provide a holistic service that looks to provide proactive solutions to clinical governance related topics.

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Adult Social Care in Westminster City Council is a world of extraordinary stories, where our passionate, caring and committed professionals do brilliant work every day. The Hand Therapy Service receives referrals from Trauma and Orthopaedic, Plastic and Rheumatology consultants and local GPs. Lanarkshire wide centralised services including renal services, dermatology, haematology, ENT, urology, vascular and infectious diseases. The Social Care Occupational Therapist will usually arrange to see you at home. The first visit will be used to meet you and your family and to collect information for an initial assessment.

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This indicates that the focus on core activation and trunk control as recommended in the literature and implemented in the I-CoreDIST intervention has resulted in reduced postural sway, that generally indicates improved postural stability . As well as delivering the best possible education, we have access to clinical support to provide care and therapy to benefit the children and young people in our school. Near Me is a video consultation service that enables people to have health and social care appointments from home or wherever is convenient. Near Me is a secure form of video consultation approved by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland. OTs will work closely with other health and social care and education colleagues who are involved with your child’s care.

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South will take referrals for South Worcestershire and North will take referrals for Wyre Forest, Redditch & Bromsgrove. Please note North referrals should be sent to The Princess of Wales Community Hospital and South referrals sent to The Beacon Centre. If you are referring externally then please call the appropriate department and we shall provide you with our referral form. This will need to be completed in detail and returned to the correct team.

It offers best practice in supporting older people to enjoy daily activities that support their health and wellbeing. Within our therapy service, we are able to offer therapeutic life story work as an additional service for a fee. The work involves the therapist collating an extensive chronology of the child’s journey into care and adding relevance to any provided life story work.

Introducing pets can have real benefits on those who wouldn’t otherwise get a lot of exercise. Allowing patients to walk around with the dogs, cuddle them and help feed and groom them. All of these small activities can reduce swelling, increase blood circulation and improve strength. We enable people to rehabilitate and find self-management strategies in order to overcome the physical, psychological and social problems caused by ill health. People who are having difficulty completing their activities of daily living . There are 4 scenarios that we commonly come across and help people with when working in care homes.

For example, a resident may have had a stroke 5 years ago and is bed bound and requires a hoist transfer to get into a specialised wheel chair. This person may not have rehabilitation potential, or the capacity to walk again or live independently. However, we can provide ongoing maintenance support to help stretch out their limbs that they are unable to move and help the staff sit them in the best position in the wheel chair.

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The aim of the service is to support patients where there has been an acute change and are at risk of hospital admission within the next 24 hours if not assessed and managed. Staff elsewhere in the country should consult their local critical care policies or education team to ensure this elearning package is recognised within local arrangements. We may offer your child a type of therapy, which may be in a group with other children, or some individual sessions. If we provide equipment and adaptations that do not need us to review you annually, we will delete your information securely eight years after our service to you ends.

Dogs are a great companion as they encourage owners to get out in the fresh air and exercise, even if it’s a short stroll up the road or to the local park. Cats are great too, they love a cuddle on your lap and like to wander around the garden which is a great way of encouraging you to get outside with them. They are also an excellent option if you struggle with mobility as they are more independent compared to dogs and you don’t have to walk them every day.

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